Saturday, July 27, 2013

Genuineness, Machine-Gun Fire, Writing and Fraud

I've stopped writing. This. This is one of the reasons. This machine-gun fire style of writing that I used to go back to wh...wait, no no no, this is not it. This is what I don't like in others' style of writing. The act of composition is not and should not be riddled with full stops, it's not a plot sheet for a shooter. A composition, especially so in our times, is an equivalent of a painting. It has always been the equivalent of a painting, but far more than that. How else do you explain the idea of finding a book of four hundred pages containing ink splashes in the name of a script being more riveting than paintings?

What, in my view, should be true of every composition coming out into the public domain, is that they should be rich in thought, especially genuine strands of it. It shouldn't be a reactionary piece, like this one that you're reading. That shows that there is nothing genuine in the inspiration - you've used another's set of thoughts as springboard to unleash a polemic and garner applause and comments.

I stopped writing because I started seeing similarities in every composition of mine. If they're boring when done by another writer (Think Sidney Sheldon), imagine how boring and sapping they'd be when they come out of your own mind and hands.

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